About AcornSTEM


it’s me!

Hi, I’m Maz.  I’m a qualified science teacher, but my teaching career has been incredibly varied and includes a few years teaching field studies and outdoor education, and a few more years teaching GCE Geography, Geology and Environmental Science.  I have an eclectic collection of interests, including demonstrating ancient textile techniques as part of the Vikings re-enactment group.


After being regularly approached by parents at a loss for activities to do with their children, I decided to start a blog covering some of the things I do with my own boys.  Three years down the line this has morphed into AcornSTEM, as I realised that there was a need to promote science, technology, engineering and maths as fun, engaging parts of everyday life.

This is no Pinterest post site – no high resolution images of impossibly perfect creations that no child ever produced.  The posts here are about simple, fun, easy to do, requiring minimal resources for the most part.  There’s also plenty of days out, links to interesting places and resources, some product reviews and a heap of other topics such as food, history and sensory play.

Thanks for stopping by!