A Father’s Day gift he’ll really want with Cheerz

A Father’s Day gift he’ll really want with Cheerz

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Fab photo gift from Cheerz
Fab photo gift from Cheerz

Our STEM exploration has gone undocumented over the last couple of months on the blog, although we’re still regularly updating the AcornSTEM Facebook page, because two months ago we moved to a new home in need of complete renovation.

For the first few weeks we were without a cooker because we didn’t have the necessary wiring in the kitchen.

Next came emptying rooms and sleeping wherever we could squeeze a mattress as weeks of rewiring commenced.  If you’ve never had this done it involves angle grinding channels out of the walls and floorboards being lifted up, with all the noise and dust that creates.

Every carpet in every room had to go as when they were lifted to access the floorboards they were so ancient and soiled that they were a health hazard, which meant endless trips to the local tip.

On top of this the windows have all been replaces as the frames were totally rotten.

I’ve worked out how to plaster and tile a bathroom, using a coffee shop loyalty card because I couldn’t get on with the spreader thing. I read the packets of the tiles, grout and plaster to tell me how to do it – turns out it’s not all that complicated but very tiring.

But – and here’s the big but – we love this house.  Each job completed and each step towards a clean, bright home feels like a massive achievement.  These are achievements that we couldn’t have done without the Dads in our life, both Matt’s and mine, and Matt himself.  Father’s Day is a lovely opportunity to say thank you to them.

Ollie and Toby’s gift to Matt this year is a gorgeous photo gift from Cheerz.  They wanted something that Matt will treasure, and I wanted it to not involve me finding craft equipment and a clear surface to make something involving a cardboard box and glitter, so thank goodness for the easy to use app from Cheerz.  Download the app, follow the simple instructions to choose your gift and upload your photo and Bob’s your Uncle your gift will be winging it’s way to it’s much appreciated recipient in no time.  In time for Father Day Cheerz has two great discounted items -Retro prints or a stylish chunky framed photo.  For an extra 10% discount off the offer price blog readers can use the code 10ACORN.  The photo gift arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more happy with it – lovely quality print in a well-made frame from this smaller company who value quality and customer service.  I’m sure Matt will love it too – I just need to work out which box I packed the wrapping paper in …

Before - at this stage I had just taken down the plaster that was falling off the wall
Before – at this stage I had just taken down the plaster that was falling off the wall
Description of renovations to bathroom
Almost done – plastered and tiled using a coffee shop loyalty card and a plastic yoghurt bucket cut up for tile spacers. Also new sink, cupboards, floor and window.












Notes: I received the fab print from Cheerz in return for a fair review, I don’t gain from sales using the code it’s just a nice way to share the love for this friendly company.  Images, opinions, cheeky boys and awesome Dads are all our own. Discount code valid until 17/06/18 (UK Fathers Day)

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