We’re moving!

We’re moving!

Monopoly for maths
Monopoly for maths

I’ve been neglecting the blog recently.  We’ve been having great fun with lots of STEM activities and days out, for example we visited the Eden Project last month on a home education group trip.  We’ve revisited slime-making and constructed bridges from rolled up paper. We’ve explored medieval books and drawn our own illuminated letters.  There’s been lots of language learning, art, cooking.   However the thing which has taken up a big chunk of our time and thoughts since January is that we are moving house.

In January we viewed a house we liked the look of but didn’t think we could afford (or afford to renovate) which turned out to not be in as bad condition as it looked from the photos.  Our below asking price offer was accepted despite the vendor having been offered more by cash buyers – there’s a huge amount of speculative buying in the area at the moment with houses being bought, renovated and sold on.  He wanted his family home to be a family home again, not just a money spinner for a sales company, and gave us ‘a couple of weeks off the market’ to see if we could sell ours.

We put ours on the market and a week and a half later had sold it to the second person who came round (with the first person having booked in for a second viewing too).  Our buyer and her family were to be homeless at the end of March because her rented house is due to be sold, so we were keen to try to fit in with her schedule but not massively confident that it would all go through in a time frame of just a couple of months.

Well, here we are in the last week of the month and tomorrow is moving day!  Our new home has had two owners since it was built in the 1930s, and hasn’t been decorated since the 1970s, but it feels like it has been a loved family home in the past and it was calling to us to make it one again.  Best of all there is a proper garden, a wild, badger visited, bird filled garden.

I feel like we have been incredibly lucky to be in a tiny chain filled with people trying to help each other out.  The man we’re buying from has been doing little jobs like resealing the bath ready for us moving in, just as we have been doing jobs ready for our buyer.  I’ve taken in a new bed delivered here today for our buyer, and in turn she is letting us leave our pets in the house until we all get keys so that we don’t have a hamster, lizard and fish freezing in the car.

So, wish us luck as we take on a renovation and a fantastically wild garden.  The kids maths lessons for the next week will consist of things like working out the area of each room and how many packs of flooring, rolls of wallpaper and tins of paint will be required!


  • holly goodson

    30th March 2018 at 8:59 am Reply

    What a perfect scenario of house buying! I can’t wait to visit and see your wild garden xx

    • admin

      30th March 2018 at 9:41 am Reply

      Looking forward to having you over 🙂

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